Fall Season Announcements & Info

Weeks 1-6  Highlights & All Star Points are available by clicking the "Weekly Highlights & News" button. (the old Weekly button is renamed.)
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OFFICER ELECTIONS: Love Darts and want to get involved in running WADA.  Officer Elections will be held at our December Board Meeting on Saturday December 11th at 11am.  The meeting will be held at Fairfax Revolution.  The positions up for Election are Tournament Director, Executive Director, Assistant Director, Secretary, Treasurer and Webmaster.

TEAM & TRIPS:  You must save the match on every tablet that is used for Team and Mixed Triples. When you are at the screen that says Next Player Lineup, go to the bottom left and press Opt, then press End and Save Match, then Confirm Score, then Save.  DO NOT Save until you are finished using the tablet for the night. 

SINGLES:  DartConnect does have one small glitch for singles It shows the matches being set for Mondays even though it is still a flex league.  It is also sending out the incorrect week for singles matches.  Please make sure that you are using the schedule, and not the email DC sent you, when planning your match. 

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21Fall Season (Sep-Dec) TEAMS: In Person  (4-8 players/team) TRIPS: In Person  (3 players/team) SINGLES: In Person (MD) & Online


Schedule    Standings         Add Players (thru wk 9) Schedule    Standings
Schedule     Standings


Submit Scoresheet online at bit.ly/WADAscores within 48 hours.  Sample scoresheet  
(View submitted scores.)

Shooter Fee

$25/WADA member, $35/non-member     pay shooter fee   
►NEW!  $20/team DartConnect fee    
$30/WADA member,
$30/WADA member, $40/non-member

PAY fees

Pay TEAM fees     all Teams are paid Pay TRIPS fees  all Trips are PAID Pay SINGLES fees     all are PAID

Sponsor Fee
Due Oct 30

$40 per team.       Invoices    Unpaid (1 team)
(Reflects 1/2 the normal fee - approved by the Board for 21Fall)

$30 per team. All paid   (Reflects 1/2 the normal fee - approved by the Board for 21Fall) In-person league:  $10 per shooter ($50 max)  All are paid
Championships Sat Dec 11 Sat Dec 11 Sat Dec 4



In-person runs thru DartConnect on Mon - Wed based on Level and Location.  Requires 3 teams to run a division.  Split divisions are possible  based upon the # of teams and their locations once all applications are in. In-person league run thru DartConnect on Thursdays In-Person and Online flex leagues run thru DartConnect
App Lists
 Team application List
Trips application List
At Home    In Person

                                   Wanna play?  Need more information / have questions?  Start here.  

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Wanna play?  Need more information / have questions?  Start here.

Week 12 (Rules 16.B, 17.D & 19.C in affect) Sun 5-Dec
Singles League Championship Tournament Sat 4-Dec
League Championships Sat 11-Dec