• Apr 28 & 29     Championships @ Fairfax Revolution

Inclement Weather

​Inclement weather constitutes a legal request for postponement and must be granted, even with less than 48 hours notice (See rule 19D).  No approval is required but both captain's should report the postponement.  Granting team still sets the makeup date and if the postponing team can not agree to any of the proposed dates only then we will assign the makeup date. 

Postponements/Late Reporting/Penalties

Be sure to let us know if you are postponing your match (or penalty points will be assessed).  Scoresheets are due within 48 hours of your match and must be complete and legible.  5 penalty points will be assessed if your scoresheet is late, incomplete, and/or illegible (see Rules 10 & 11). We encourage the use of the pre-populated scoresheet, which eliminates common problems of messy handwriting, lack of full names and WADA numbers. We also encourage you to submit Scores, Postponements & Scoresheet online - never lose an email or fax submission again.

Points on the Line

Points on the Line (POL) total for B is 24 and C  is 18.  In a split division the POL total is 24.  


Modified 2/28/2018