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Fall Monty Results ~ November 2013
EVENT No. of Event Entries 1st Place 2nd Place Top 4 Top 4
Mens Doubles Cricket 12 Mike Lagana / Joe Lagana Drew Clarke / Tom Hait Vinnie Vinson / Don Walker Doug Watkins / Steve Melvin
Ladies Doubles Cricket 4 Debbie Frank / Pam McClanahan Kathy Young / Christine Murphy Kate Breeden / Vickie Hait Donna Deane / Rose Stewart
Mens Singles 501 28 Doug Watkins Mike Lagana Rick Montgomery Vinnie Vinson
Ladies Singles 501 10 Vickie Hait Pam McClanahan Kathy Young Katie Breeden
Mixed Trips 701 8 Doug Watkins / Donna Deane / Steve Melvin Brian McGarriggle / Brook Rolka / Kathy Young Scott Groves / Vinnie Vinson / Rose Stewart Kate Breeden / Jason Breeden / Rick Montgomery
Luck of the Draw 16 Donna Deane / Steve Melvin Matt Lozupone / Brian McGarrigle Vinnie Vinson / Andy Boswell Christine Murphy / Brian Murphy
Mens Singles Cricket 13 Doug Watkins Vinnie Vinson Brian McGarrigle Scott Groves
Ladies Singles Cricket 4 Round Robin Kendra Weikel Christine Murphy Kathy Young Christy Rolka
Mens Doubles 501 9 Doug Watkins / Steve Melvin Don Walker / Vinnie Vinson Steve Muri / John Young John Everett / Brian Murphy
Ladies Doubles 501 4 Round Robin Kendra Weikel / Christy Rolka Donna Deane / Laura Jeffery Katie Puertas / Rose Stewart Kathy Young / Christine Murphy
Special Highlights: Ton Eighties 9 Marks 6 Bulls    
Scott Groves x 2  Scott Groves x 2      
Doug Watkins x 2 Doug Watkins x 3      
Drew Clarke Brook Rolka      
  Drew Clarke      
  Vinnie Vinson      

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