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Washington Area OPEN Results ~ June 2004


1st Place

2nd Place

Top 4

Top 4


Pro Sngl 501/Crt/CC

Steve Brown

Johnny Kucynski

Darin Young

Will Tan

Top 8

Mark Daly

Brian Diamond

Chris Hayes

Alan Matthews

LOD 501

Alan Matthews/Kevin Arcano

Cabell Staples/Michael Lagana

Amy Gartrell/Darin Young

Derrick Jamison/Ron Barnstrad

Top 8

Dave Kiesche/Scott Groves

Willie Simpson/Ryan Beringer

Pattie Rogers/Martin Bedoni

Chris Linkous/Mick Nardelli


Mens Doubles 501

Darin Young/Johnny Kucynski

Doug Watkins/ Bruce Cotrell

Alan Matthews/Steve Brown

Jonathan Davis/Vince McMahon

Top 8

Chris Pace/Cabell Staples

Rickie Davis/John Brown

Bill Davis/Mark Daly

JJ Merlot/Chris Linkous

Ladies Doubles 501

Carolyn Mars/Heather Ferrell

Candi Watkins/Mary Jo Chesney

Laurett Meddis/Doreen Berry

Nicole Burke/Wendy Boone

Top 8

Lisa Lima/Lou Boone

Amy Gartrell/Kim Trego

Kathy Kneff/Dorothy Spencer

Pattie Rogers/Ginny Cox

Mens Singles Ckt

Johnny Kuczynski

Rickie Davis

Bill Davis

Walt Felton

Top 8

John Brown

Pat Hewitt

Steve Brown

Mark Daly

Ladies Singles Ckt

Mary Jo Chesney

Doreen Berry

Alice Trego

Liz Gale

Top 8

Lisa Lima

Amy Newman

Nicole Burke

Lisa Shpritz

Mixed Trips 601

Johnny Kuczynski/Willie Simpson/Carolyn Mars

Steve Brown/Alan Matthews/Deb Parker

Bill Bell/Tom Waterman/Alice Trego

Jim Watkins/Jason Davis/Heather Ferrell

Top 8

Mark Pelletier/John Cutler/Jen Nararowitz

Laurett Meddis/Darin Young/Walt Felton

Bill Davis/Amy Newman/Mark Daly

Martin Bedoni/Craig Perry/Laura Werner

LOD Cricket

Bill Davis/Tom Stewart

Kevin Arcano/Pat Hewitt

Dave Kiesche/Tom Waterman

Walt Felton/Ben Bugiman

Top 8

Chad Johnson/Jose Puertas

Johnny Kucynski/Laurie Baturin

Pattie Rogers/Doug Watkins

Joe VanVoorhees/Patrick Williams


Mixed Doubles 501

Johnny Kuczynski/Carolyn Mars

Deb Parker/Steve Brown

Bill Bell/Alice Trego

Amy Gartrell/Chris Linkous

Top 8

Julia Oberti/Scott Sampson

Amy Newman/Bill Davis

John Straiton/Debbie Straiton

Deb Bond/Joe VanVoorhees

Mens Doubles Ckt

Darin Young/Johnny Kucynski

Bill Davis/Mark Daly

Alan Matthews/Steve Brown

Jim Watkins/Dave Kiesche

Top 8

Jonathan Davis/Vince McMahan

Cabell Staples/Barry Dudley

Te Chen/Chris Lankes

Luke Kollias/Gary Kidd

Ladies Doubles Ckt

Deb Parker/Amy Newman

Ashley Stewart/Lisa Shpritz

Nicole Burke/Wendy Boone

Kathy Kneff/Dorothy Spencer

Top 8

Amy Gartrell/Kim Trego

Heather Ferrell/Carolyn Mars

Pattie Rogers/Stacy Wagner

Debbie Straiton/Lou Bonne

Mens Singles 501

Jim Watkins

John Cutler

Doug Watkins

Johnny Kuczynski

Top 8

Gary Kidd

Chad Johnson

Alan Matthews

Vince McMahan

Ladies Singles 501

Doreen Berry

Carolyn Mars

Deb Parker

Debbie Straiton

Top 8

Lou Boone

Heather Ferrell

Kitty Burke

Amy Newman

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