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Washington Area OPEN Results ~ September 2013
EVENT No. of Event Entries 1st Place 2nd Place Top 4 Top 4
FRIDAY   1st Place 2nd Place Top 4 Top 4
Open Sngl 501/Crt/CC 52 Leonard Gates Ryan VanderWeit Levi Remick Brandon Rogers
Top 8   Doug Watkins Kyle Owen Joe Huffman Steve Melvin
LOD 501 90 Chris Linkous/Levi Remick Brett Bryant/Robbie Phillips Jeremy Deiderich/Doug Watkins Brandon Rogers/Chuck McClay
Top 8   Kirsten Anderson/Scott Groves Tom Sawyer/Chris Lankes Mike Lagana/Marc Aiello Ryan VanderWeit/Mark Daly
Youth/Adult 501 5 James Butler/Larry Butler Anthony Mullins/Dave Mullins    
Ladies Doubles Ckt 20 Marcia Loche/Marilyn Popp Julia Oberti/Dorothy Spencer Bette Cunningham/Linda Mullins Jenica Rock/Wendy Fuertes
Top 8   Valerie Goad/Morgan McCormack Stacy Leach/Laura Jeffrey Kate Breeden/Vickie Hait Kirsten Anderson/Bonnie Wei
Mens Doubles Ckt 44 Leonard Gates/Bill Davis Tom Sawyer/Mark Fair Joe Huffman/Chris Linkous Kyle Owen/Robbie Phillips
Top 8   Matthew Thompson/Paul Wilson Chris Pace/Rickie Davis Joey Hilton/Mike Elderbroom Ryan VanderWeit/Jim Widmeyer
Ladies Singles Ckt 38 Marilyn Popp Ashley Talbot Doreen Sweeny Morgan McCormack
Top 8   Linda Mullin Dorothy Spencer Bette Cunningham Valerie Goad
Top 16   Marci Medley Julia Oberti Laura Jeffrey April Thompson
Top 16   Wendy Fuertes Candi Watkins Stacy Leach Julie Scheppele
Mens Singles Ckt 79 Leonard Gates Joe Huffman Larry Butler Robbie Phillips
Top 8   Alan Matthews Bill Davis Ryan VanderWeit Ryan Barnette
Top 16   LeRoy Chesson Scott Jackson Lito Moises Tom Sawyer
Top 16   Mike Lagana Jeff Leonard Todd Bumgarner Jim Widmayer
Mixed Trips 601 38 Bette Cunningham/Todd Bumgarner/Levi Remick Tom Sawyer/Mark Fair/Ashley Talbot Leonard Gates/Bill Davis/Morgan McCormack Glenn Smith/Charlie Moore/Barb Hanbury
Top 8   Doreen Sweeny/Bobby McCurdy/Scott Sampson Matthew Thompson/Lynn Martin/Paul Wilson Bill Bell/Jenica Rock/Brandon Rogers Joe Huffman/Chris Linkous/Marcia Loche
LOD 501 56 Chris Pace/Chuck Dixon Mark Fair/Robert Jayne Chris Linkous/April Thompson Mark Aiello/Brian Skapura
    Meghan Wrenn/Steve Melvin Marci Medley/Mike Elderbroom Dan May/Vickie Hait Brook Rolka/Levi Remick
Youth Singles 501 2 James Butler Emma Parzow    
Mixed Doubles 501 48 Shane Meeks/Marilyn Popp Ryan Barnette/Candi Watkins Doug Watkins/Lori Manuel Bette Cunningham/Levi Remick
Top 8   Scott Groves/Amy O'Neal Pam McClanahan/Doug DeRemer Robbie Phillips/Julie Scheppele Ryan VanderWeit/Meghan Wrenn
Ladies Singles 501 34 Valerie Goad Morgan McCormack Marilyn Popp Laura Jeffrey
Top 8   Doreen Sweeny Julia Oberti Linda Mullin Bette Cunningham
Top 16   Julie Scheppele Lori Manuel Michelle Septak Meghan Wrenn
Top 16   April Thompson Susan Hollingsworth Linkous Kathy Young Ashley Talbot
Mens Singles 501 70 Jim Widmayer Leonard Gates Ryan VanderWeit Bill Davis
Top 8   Edward Cunningham Levi Remick Scott Groves Mike Elderbroom
Top 16   James Leach Shane Meeks Brett Bryant Robbie Phillips
Top 16   Matthew Thompson Paul Wilson Larry Butler Tom Sawyer
Ladies Doubles 501 20 Bette Cunningham/Linda Mullins Marcia Loche/Marilyn Popp Julia Oberti/Dorothy Spencer Julie Scheppele/Doreen Sweeny
Top 8   Debbie Frank/Pam McClanahan Kirsten Anderson/Bonnie Wei Laura Jeffrey/Stacy Leach Kate Breeden/Wickie Hait
Mens Doubles 501 35 Bill Davis/Leonard Gates Mike Elderbroom/Joey Hilton Shane Meeks/Bill Cross Jr. Tom Sawyer/Mark Fair
Top 8   Kyle Owen/Robbie Phillips Marlin Maddoux/Scott Groves Larry Butler/Ryan Barnette Matthew Thompson/Paul Wilson
Special Highlights: Ton Eighties 9 Marks 6 Bulls    
Doug DeRemer (2) Larry Butler      
Charlie Moore        

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