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Washington Area Darts Association

4201 WIlson Blvd #110-312, Arlington, VA 22203

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League Night Questions  =>

888 476-0661


Scores & Postponements to  =>

888 476-0663   (call and/or FAX)


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Standing Committees:

    -  Rules & Bylaws

Chair:  George Quinn


    - Tournaments/Activities

Tournament Dir: Lance Kent 


    - Judiciary

Chair:  Vacant


   -  League Play

Chair:  vacant


Board of Directors & Officers

  Name eMail @wadadarts.org Position Term Ends Seniority
  BOARD OF DIRECTORS: board  <== doesn't include Officers    
  Laura Wilkinson board.chairman Chairperson effective May 2016 Aug 2018 Jan-15
  DC DIRECTORS: board.dc        
  Rich Lewis board.dc.rich Director - DC fulfill Ben's term Sep 2018 May-17
  Vacant   Director - DC fulfill Laura's term Sep 2017  
  Vacant   Director - DC Alt      
  MD DIRECTORS: board.md        
  Michael Simione board.md.michael Director - MD fulfill Horton/Harper term Sep 2017 Jan-17
  George Quinn board.md.george Director - MD re-elected Sept16 Sep 2018 Sep-15
  Addison Hunt board.md.addison Director - MD Alt 1yr re-elected Sep16 Sep 2017  
  VA East DIRECTORS: board.vae        
  Jeremy Lucier board.vae.jeremy Director - VA East 2yr elected Sep16 Sep 2018 Sep-16
  Joe VanVoorhees board.vae.joe Director - VA East finish Scotty's term Sep 2017 Jun-17
  Robert Sobelman board.va.robert Director - VA East Alt 1yr elected Jan17 Jan 2018  
  VA West DIRECTORS: board.vaw        
  Mike Tucker board.vaw.mike Director - VA West 2yr elected Sep15 Sep 2017 Sep-15
  Brian Skapura board.va.brian Director - VA West 2yr thru Sep18 Sep 2018 May-17
  Vacant   Director - VA West Alt      
  OFFICERS: officers <== NOT in Board@ email list    
  Ronda Daly director Officer - Executive Director      
  Pat Martin secretary Officer - Secretary      
  Pat Martin treasurer Officer - Treasurer      
  Pat Martin webmaster Officer - Webmaster      
  Doug DeRemer adorep ADO Rep      
  Lance Kent tournaments Tournament Dir      


Per ByLaws:

1) Board members are elected at the Fall Captains meeting (Sept) for 2 years
2) Each year, one member from each region is up for election (ie, 1 on 2005, 1 in 2006)

3) Alternates are elected at any Captains meeting for 1 year.

4) Chairman of the Board is elected every 2nd year at the August meeting

5) A board member is automatically expelled from the Board:

    a) after 3 unexcused absences or

    b) after 2 consecutive unexcused absences or

    c) after missing 1/3 of the regular meetings within any consecutive 12-month period.


Click here for more info on Board of Directors responsibilities

Click here for Board Member Attendance Records

Click here for Minutes of Board Meetings


eMail and Distribution groups:

adorep@                    email address forwards to John Everett and can be used by the Public

board@                      distribution group of all Board members (but NOT officers) and can be used by the Public

officers@                    distribution group of all Officers and can be used by the Public

rules.chair@               email address forwards to director@ can be used by the Public

tournaments@            distribution group to Tournament Director and committee and can be used by the Public

TPC@                        list contains members of the Tournament Play Committee and can only be used by Members of the list

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