Penalty Points Started Week 8

Scoresheets are due within 48 hours of your match, and they must be complete and legible.  5 penalty points will be assessed if your scoresheet is late, incomplete, and/or illegible (see Rules 10 & 11). We encourage the use of the pre-populated scoresheet, which helps you avoid common problems of messy handwriting, lack of full names and WADA numbers. You can also  submit Scores & Scoresheet online - never lose an email or fax submission again.  

Points on the Line  

Points on the Line (POL) total for B is 24 and C  is 18.  If you are in a split division the POL to be used is 24.  WARP has been updated thru 17SPR and are reflected in the online Roster/player lookups and the pre-populated scoresheet.  However, you may use 17WIN for the remainder of the 17FALL season. 

Modified 11/21/2017