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             WADA Milestone Awards

Earned Member Name Milestone
17WIN Mike Sarandos 25th T80 - 17WIN
17WIN Reid Hovey 25th T80 - 17WIN
16FAL Todd Larkin 25th T80 - 16FAL
16WIN John Everett 50th T80 - 16WIN
16WIN Mike Sarandos 50th 9Mark - 16WIN
15FAL Doug DeRemer 50th 9Mark - 15FAL
15FAL Dave McDaniel 25th 9Mark - 15FAL
15FAL Doug DeRemer 25th T80 - 15FAL
15SPR Mark Daly 25th T80 - 15SPR
15SPR Lance Kent 25th T80 - 15SPR
15SPR Ray Allen 25th 9Mark - 15SPR
15SPR TJ Jackowski 25th T80 - 15SPR
15SPR Robert Vinson 25th T80 - 15SPR
15SPR Jesse Beach 25th T80 - 15SPR
14SPR John Cutler 25th T80 - 14SPR
14SPR David Mullins 25th 9Mark - 14SPR
14SPR John Cutler 50th 9Mark - 14SPR
14SPR Brian Skapura 100th 9Mark - 14SPR
14SPR Jesse Beach 25th 9Mark - 14SPR
13FALL Tee Phillips 25th 9 Mark - 13FALL
13FALL Brian Skapura 25th T80 - 13FALL
13FALL Doug DeRemer 25th 9Mark - 13FALL
13FALL Don Walker 25th 9Mark - 13FALL
13SPR Mike Sarandos 25th 9Mark - 13SPR
13WIN Dave Surgeon 50th 9Mark - 13WIN
13WIN Chris Lankes 25th 9Mark - 13WIN
12FALL Shaun Becraft 25th 9Mark - 12FALL
12FALL Brian Skapura 50th 9Mark - 12FALL
12FALL Todd Larkin 25th 9Mark - 12FALL
12SPR John Brown 50th T80 - 12SPR
12SPR Geoff Mueller 25th 9Mark - 12SPR
12SPR Randy Beans 25th T80 - 12SPR
12SPR Te Chen 50th 9Mark - 12SPR
12SPR Sean Trevor 25th 9Mark - 12SPR
12WIN Chris Hayes 25th 9Mark - 12WIN
12WIN Brian Skapura 25th 9Mark - 12WIN
12WIN Chris Lankes 25th T80 - 12WIN
11FALL Scott Groves 25th T80 - 11FALL
11FALL Doug Watkins 50th 9Mark - 11FALL
11SPR Dave Surgeon 25th 9Mark - 11SPR
10FALL Dave Deshazo 25th 9Mark - 10FALL
09WIN Ricky "Truck" Davis 50th T80 - 09WIN
08FALL Scott Groves 50th 9Mark - 08FALL
08SPR John Brown 100th 9Mark - 08SPR
08WIN John A. Lewis 25th 9Mark - 08WIN
07FALL John Everett 50th 9Mark - 07FALL
07SPR Joe VanVoorhees 25th 9Mark - 07SPR
07SPR John Everett 25th T80 - 07SPR
06WIN Scott Groves 25th 9Mark - 06WIN
05SPR John Brown 50th 9Mark - 05SPR
05SPR Ricky "Truck" Davis 50th 9Mark - 05SPR
05WIN John Culhane 25th 9Mark - 05WIN
04FALL Greg Collins 25th 9Mark - 04FALL
04FALL John Brown 25th T80 - 04FALL
04WIN Ricky Wipf 25th 9Mark - 04WIN
03FALL Doug Watkins 25th 9Mark - 03FALL
03FALL Ricky "Truck" Davis 25th T80 - 03FALL
02WIN John Cutler 25th 9Mark - 02WIN
02WIN John Yost 50th 9Mark - 02WIN
01FALL John Brown 25th 9Mark - 01FALL
01SPR Randy Beans 25th 9Mark - 01SPR
00WIN John Yost 25th 9Mark - 00WIN
99FALL Ricky "Truck" Davis 25th 9Mark - 99FALL
99WIN Jeff Moor 25th 9Mark - 99WIN
98FALL Te Chen 25th 9Mark - 98FALL
- 1998 John Everett 25th 9Mark - 1998

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