PROPOSED BYLAW CHANGES (effective 24Win Season)

Per Article XIII Article 4 of our Bylaws, all changes to the Bylaws and/or Rules of Play must be posted for member feedback on the website for at least 21 days.  Questions or comments?  Please contact your Regional Director or the WADA Executive Director with comments/feedback.

ATTENTION MEMBERS - Review these Proposed Bylaw Changes effective 24Winter

Bylaw changes approved by the Board of Directors on 12/7/2023 are detailed below for member feedback for 21 days (Dec 17 - Jan 7).  If no feedback is received the changes will be effective beginning 24Winter season.

Page 3 - change all Directors to At-Large (instead of representing individual regions), reduce the number of Directors from 9 to 7 and remove Alternates.  Also, changed non-voting board members to "Officers of WADA" instead of listing the individual positions.

ARTICLE V - Board of Directors

Page 4 - removed Section 7 re Alternates (as per change above).  Remaining sections were renumbered.

Page 4 - removed appointing Alternate to vacant Dir position

Page 6 - changed Chair election from August to December
Page 9 - updated Secretary duties

ARTICLE VI - Officers

Page 10 - corrected contract review from Jan to Dec to coincide with Officer contracts

ARTICLE VIII - Contracts

Page 12/13 - updated wording to clarify amendment process