Championships - Important Info  

Championships / Dart Guys Championships are fast approaching. Dart Guys will be at Fairfax Revolution on April 17/18. Here is how it will go… Online Singles Sat April 10th at 11am or noon Online & In Person Ladies Singles Sun April 11th at noon MD Singles Sat April 17th at noon (Wheaton Moose) C League Online Singles Sat April 17th at 11am Team Championships Sat April 17th at noon (Fairfax Revolution) Mixed Triples Sun April 18th at noon (Fairfax Revolution)

Modified 4/9/2021

Welcome Wanna Play?

If you're interested in shooting darts, having a good time, making new friends and you live and/or work in the D.C. Metropolitan area, check out the "FAQ - What do I need to know to play in WADA" , "About Us" and "Wanna Play?" Or please give WADA a call at (888) 353-3710 or email our Executive Director.

Due to COVID our offerings and format have changed.

FYI, our pre-COVID info: League nights are Mon thru Wed. Teams are comprised of 4 to 8 people, male and/or female, who want to shoot together. All matches start at 8pm and most are done by 11pm. We have A, B and C division teams so there's room for everyone at any level.


Please make sure that you are always playing with good sportsmanship.  Keep smoke breaks to a minimum and make sure you are not doing things that will delay the match.  We all love the game, and we all want to win.  Always make sure that you both win and lose with the same sportsmanship and respect that you would like to have other players show you.

Refer to Rules of Etiquette document (which is a part of the WADA Rules).