Board of Directors

  Name Position Term Ends Seniority
BOARD OF DIRECTORS board  <== doesn't include Officers    
  Michael Simione board.chairman Chair effective Sep 3, 2018 Aug 2020 Jan-17
      DC DIRECTORS: board.dc        
  Rich Lewis Director - DC 2yr elected Sep20 Sep 2022 May-17
  Wes Valentine board.dc.wes Director - DC finish Colin's term Sep 2021 Jan-20
  Ben Horton board.dc.ben Director - DC Alt 1yr term May 2020  
      MD DIRECTORS:        
  George Quinn Director - MD appointed 6/22/20 Sep 2021 Jun-20
  Vacant               Director - MD 2yr term to Sep22 Sep 2020  
  Vacant   Director - MD Alt 1 year term    
      VA East DIRECTORS: board.vae        
  Melissa McCleary board.vae.melissa Director - VA East fill balance Joe's term Sep 2021 Jan-20
  Vacant   Director - VA East 2yr term to Sep22 Sep 2022  
  Vacant   Director - VA East Alt 1yr term    
      VA West DIRECTORS: board.vaw        
  Jason Pawlowski board.vaw.jason Director - VA West 2yr elected Sep20 Sep 2022 May-19
  Lori Quinn board.vaw.lori Director - VA West 2yr elected Sep19 Sep 2021 Sep-19
  Vacant   Director - VA West Alt 1yr term    
OFFICERS officers <== NOT in Board@ email list    
  Ronda Daly director Executive Director     Jun-17
  Brad Stauffer asstdirector Assistant Director     Jan-18
  Pat Martin secretary Secretary/Treasurer     Feb-98
  Pat Martin webmaster Webmaster     Jan-03
  Brad Stauffer tournaments Tournament Director     Apr-19
  Doug DeRemer adorep ADO Rep      
Modified 9/4/2020