Board of Directors

  Name Position Term Ends Seniority
BOARD OF DIRECTORS board  <== doesn't include Officers    
  Laura Wilkinson board.chairman Chairperson effective May 2016 Aug 2018 Jan-15
      DC DIRECTORS: board.dc        
  Rich Lewis Director - DC fulfill Ben's term Sep 2018 May-17
  Vacant   Director - DC 2yr term Sep 2019  
  Vacant   Director - DC Alt 1yr term    
      MD DIRECTORS:        
  Michael Simione Director - MD re-elected Sep 17 Sep 2019 Jan-17
  George Quinn Director - MD re-elected Sept16 Sep 2018 Sep-15
  Addison Hunt Director - MD Alt 1yr re-elected Sep16 Sep 2017  
      VA East DIRECTORS: board.vae        
  James Moffett board.vae.james Director - VA East fulfill Lucier term Sep 2018 Sep-17
  Joe Van Voorhees board.vae.joe Director - VA East 2yr elected Sep17 Sep 2019 Jun-17
  Robert Sobelman Director - VA East Alt 1yr elected Jan17 Jan 2018  
      VA West DIRECTORS: board.vaw        
  Jason Pawlowski board.vaw.jason Director - VA West 2yr elected Sep17 Sep 2019 Sep-17
  Vacant   Director - VA West 1yr term ​Sep 2018  
  Vacant   Director - VA West Alt 1yr term    
OFFICERS officers <== NOT in Board@ email list    
  Ronda Daly director Executive Director      
  Pat Martin secretary Secretary      
  Pat Martin treasurer Treasurer      
  Pat Martin webmaster Webmaster      
  Doug DeRemer adorep ADO Rep      
  Lance Kent tournaments Tournament Dir      
Modified 10/25/2017