Board Member Attendance


1) Board members are elected at the Fall Captains meeting (Sept) for 2 years
2) Each year, one member from each region is up for election (ie, 1 on 2005, 1 in 2006)
3) Alternates are elected at any Captains meeting for 1 year.
4) Chairman of the Board is elected every 2nd year at the August meeting
5) Absenteeism.  A Board member is automatically expelled from the Board:  
​      (a) after three (3) unexcused absences from regular meetings during his/her term of office, or
​      (b) after two (2) consecutive unexcused absences from regular meetings, or
​      (c) after missing one-third (1/3) of the regular meetings within any consecutive 12-month period.  

An excused absence is when a Board member notifies the Chairman of the Board of Directors prior to the meeting of his/her inability to attend (for valid reasons, i.e. illness, work schedule, family emergency) and notifies the region’s alternate of his/her responsibility to attend the meeting, or in the case of emergency, the board member notifies the Chairman as soon as is practical.     The Chairman of the Board of Directors has sole authority to grant an excused absence. A Board member expelled for absenteeism shall not  be permitted to run for office for a period of three (3) years.”

Board Member Responsibilities

If you must be absent from a board meeting please make sure your region is represented AND the board meeting can take place. Board meetings can only take place with a majority of the board members (e.g. four (4) representatives) in attendance.

Step 1 – Contact the alternate for your area.

Step 2 – Contact the Chairman of the Board indicating that you have contacted the alternate to attend in your place.