Region Position Term Comments
  DC Director to Sept 2019 Vacant
  DC Alternate * 1 year to Jan 2019 Vacant
  MD Director to Sept 2018 Balance of George Quinn's term
  MD Alternate * 1 year to Jan 2019 Vacant
  VA E Alternate * 1 year to Jan 2019 Rob Sobelman's term ending
  VA W Director  to Sept 2018 fulfill Skapura's term
  VA W Alternate * 1 year to Jan 2019 Vacant

                                 * Note - Shooters fees are NOT paid for Alternates


NEW information for Captains:

  • Points on the Line (POL) assignment for new members and returning players without POL

  • The Pre-populated scoresheet will NOT be updated until the afternoon of Monday, Jan 15th.  Captain's will be emailed.

REMINDERS for Captains:

  • Need players?   Check out the Wanna Play list

  • Captain's Packet is accessible online

  • Roster & Shooters fees are due by the end of Week 2 (or Week 9 for Add Player)

    • It is the Captain's responsibility to collect and forward all payments of the team's fees to WADA.  (pay online or mail check)

    • Rosters & shooters fees are processed by our Secretary, Pat Martin

      • Week 2 - pay fees online and email Roster (to roster or Fax to 888-476-0665)

      • End of Week 2:  3% penalty points per week for late Roster and/or fees

      • End of Week 3:  team is dropped for late Roster and/or fees not received

  • Scores & Scoresheets  -

    • Scoresheets are due within 48 hours of your match and must be complete and legible. 

    • 5 penalty points will be assessed if your scoresheet is late, incomplete, and/or illegible (see Rules 10 & 11).    

    • Scores & Scoresheets are processed by our Executive Director.

  • Captains are responsible for:

    • collecting and submitting fees.   Click to Pay online

    • checking the Unpaid list to verify their team's fees and Roster have been received and recorded. 

    • checking their online Team Roster to ensure all players are listed and names are spelled correctly (used for award plaques).

    • checking the Unpaid list to ensure their Sponsor fees have been paid

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