-Championships will be May 4th/5th at Revolutions (Fx)

-C League Championships - We will be reevaluating the format for C League playoffs/championships at the next board meeting on Feb 1.  This may take effect for this season.   

-Rolling qualifiers will begin on Jan 12th (this Saturday) at Revolutions (Fx).   start time is 11:30; cost is $40 to play, that allows you to play as many or as few as you would like.  All dates and locations will be out by the end of the week.  


  Region Position Term Comments
  DC Alternate * 1 year to Sept 2019 Vacant
  VA W Director 2 years to Sept 2020 Vacant
  VA W Director 1 year to Sept 2019 Vacant
  VA W Alternate * 1 year to Sept 2019 Vacant

                                 * Note - Shooters fees are NOT paid for Alternates


NEW information for Captains:  

** Watch for the sample scoresheet in the Captains packet.  Many scoresheets are being completed WRONG!  Please review & follow this sample!

REMINDERS for Captains:

  • Need players?   Check out the Wanna Play list

  • Captain's Packet is accessible online

  • Roster & Shooters fees are due by the end of Week 2 (or Week 9 for Add Player)

    • It is the Captain's responsibility to collect and forward all payments of the team's fees to WADA.  (pay online or mail check)

    • Rosters & shooters fees are processed by our Secretary, Pat Martin

      • Week 2 - pay fees online and email Roster (to roster or Fax to 888-476-0665)

      • End of Week 2:  3% penalty points per week for late Roster and/or fees

      • End of Week 3:  team is dropped for late Roster and/or fees not received

  • Scores & Scoresheets  -

    • Scoresheets are due within 48 hours of your match and must be complete and legible. 

    • 5 penalty points will be assessed if your scoresheet is late, incomplete, and/or illegible (see Rules 10 & 11).    

    • Scores & Scoresheets are processed by our Executive Director.

  • Captains are responsible for:

    • collecting and submitting fees.   Click to Pay online

    • checking the Unpaid list to verify their team's fees and Roster have been received and recorded. 

    • checking their online Team Roster to ensure all players are listed and names are spelled correctly (used for award plaques).

    • checking the Unpaid list to ensure their Sponsor fees have been paid (Secretary notifies Captains by email when Sponsor fees have been paid.)

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