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24Winter Season  

Week 10 Information

Rules 16B, 17D and 19C are in effect for the remainder of the season. Postponements require the approval of the Executive Director and you may not use subs or add shooters. To be eligible for the championships, you must play a minimum of 4 separate matches in a spot where your name will be listed on the scoresheet (either doubles or singles) as there is no required listing for the team members who played in the Team Game.

  • 16B Addition of New Players. No team members may be added after the 9th week of the regular season. This includes players who may have substituted earlier in the season.  Players added to a team must play in a minimum of three (3) regular season matches to be eligible to play in the division playoffs and League Championships.

  • 17D Substitutes. No substitutes are allowed after the 9th week of the regular season. Substitutes are not eligible for awards.

  • 19C Postponements. All postponements must be made up prior to the start of end-of-season playoffs. Matches made up after the 9th week of the regular season will be subject to Rules 16.B. (Addition of New Players), 17.D. (Substitutes), and 20.C. (Forfeits). There will be no postponements after the 9th week of the regular season without the prior approval of the Executive Director.

  • 20C Forfeits.    Any team forfeiting two (2) matches within any season, or forfeiting a match after the 9th week of the regular season, will be immediately dropped from the league for the remainder of that season.


24Winter Dates