WADA Board of Directors Meeting ~ Agenda
​Saturday, May 18, 2019 11am @ Hooters, Fairfax, VA

  2. REVIEW AND APPROVAL OF MINUTES - need to approve  Apr minutes   (Approved online by Billy Powell, Kris Petren, Neil Bradbury)
    1. ​​Chair
    2. Executive Director
      1. ​Up to Top 4 played before Championships - It would give more play to our sponsor bars, if the matches that would normally be first or possibly second round Championship matches.  Then do a one-day Championship for all 3 divisions.
      2. DMV Cup - Invite teams from DC, MD and VA to compete for the DMV Cup.  WADA would provide the “Cup”; teams would consist of 4 men and 2 women; and have a $60 entry.  100% payout.  Sat would be round robin, Sun would be knockout. Proposed to happen in October.

      3. Getting more B Teams - Brainstorm

      4. Dart Connect – tool to provide more accurate rating and allow us to have a better breakdown for divisions

      5. Statute of Limitations to order Championship shirts – 3 months after the Championship is won.

      6. Coaching at the line

    3. Secty/Treas/Webmaster
    4. ​ADO Rep  (Doug DeRemer)
    1. ​Rules and Bylaws  (Billy Powell)  
      1. ACTION ITEM from Mar minutesBoard agreed to have Ronda write up a Rules of Etiquette document.  Board also agreed for Billy to write a Rule change referencing the Rules of Etiquette document so in future, Ronda would propose changes to the Etiquette document that the Board could approve immediately.
      2. ACTION ITEM from Mar minutes:  Board members suggested updating contracts or Rules (as appropriate) that officers always be paid mileage in line with Fed guidelines
    2.  ​Tournaments/Activities
      1. TPC   - Joe VanVoorhees, Chair​
        1. ACTION ITEM from Mar minutes: The TPC will draw up the TD contract that will also contain a complete list of responsibilities for each co-TD.
      2. ​​WAO  (Brad Stuaffer/George Quinn)
    3. Judiciary    ( Mike Simione)
    4. League Play   (Neil Bradbury)
    5. Pro-Tem/Ad-hoc Committees
      1. ​​Tech & Social Media   (Rob/Laura)
    1. 50th Anniversary coin/pin -
      1. ACTION ITEM from Mar minutes: Kris will work on a proposal for the next board meeting and consult with Pat as needed. 
    1. ​See notes below from Neil Bradbury
    1. TBD

-----------   NOTES from Neil Bradbury - I have to work on Saturday and will be unable to attend the board meeting.   I have a few items that have been brought up to me by players that I intended to raise for possible discussion.

1.  Lowering the POL total for B league.  Player believes this will discourage as many A level players playing in B, and consequently give genuine B level players the opportunity to play at their level.

2.  Adjustment of player POL mid-season.  Primarily aimed toward brand new unknown players who may start as a 4, but should be reviewed mid-season if they are legitimate 7+, for example.  Player compared to APA pool league where after a captain raises an objection, an anonymous "reviewer" is assigned to observe the player and recommend adjustment to their level.

3.  Clarity needed on chalking responsibility during team game.  Believed to have been a courtesy that the home captain/team is responsible for chalking the team game.

4.  Rather than a team having a "home" bar, we follow a "Premier League" style where teams travel to different bars each week.



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