SINGLES - Online See email from Director
SINGLES - In Person Begins Aug 4
Mixed Triples Sunday Jul 31 - Ffx Revolution 12pm
TEAM - A League
4th/5th play Aug 1
Top 4 play Aug 7 - Ffx Revolution 12pm
TEAM - B League
4th/5th play Aug 2
Top 4 play Aug 6 - Ffx Revolution 12pm


22SPR Season Information   

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Highlights thru wk 11 are posted.   (click the Weekly dropdown in the left column)

NOTE:  Proposed Rule Change - to Rule 8A in the 2nd section below.  Open for member feedback for 21 days.  Please submit all feedback to your Regional Director.

RULE CHANGE - 8C Corking, effective 22SPR

  • Addition to Rule 8C. Corking - Approved by the Board online in Slack  (green highlighted text was added)  

 The purpose is to eliminate any confusion on this.

Rule 8C. Measurements for darts hitting outside the cork will be from the outside wire of the cork. Double cork beats a single cork, and corks of equal value tie. In the case of a tie both darts must be removed from the board, and the cork is thrown again, with the order of the players reversed. This process will be continued until a winner can be declared. If a second player requests that the first dart thrown be removed from the cork (single or double), the request must be granted. 

RULE change proposal - 8A non-smoking boards - open for feedback

  • Changes to Rule 8A.  - Approved by the Board of Directors online in Slack.  Now open to any member feedback for 21 days.  Please submit all feedback to your Regional Director. [posted 6/22/22]

OVERVIEW - When, Awards

May thru Aug TEAMS: In Person 
  (4-8 players/team)
(3 players/team)
SINGLES: In Person (MD) and Online


In-person runs thru DartConnect on Mon - Wed based on Level and Location.   Requires 3 teams to run a division.  It is possible to do split divisions,  but that decision will be based upon the number of teams and their locations  once all applications are in. In-person runs thru DartConnect on Thursdays In-Person (MD) and Online flex leagues run thru DartConnect
CHAMPION-SHIPS Aug 6 & 7 Aug 6 & 7 July 30 & 31
AWARDS Jersey Jersey See Singles Awards below
  • Singles Awards

    -First place: option of a cash prize*, a custom jersey from Magic Wear, a gift certificate to The Dart Guys, or paid pre-registration for the Washington Area Open.
    -Second place (if applicable): option of a cash prize*, a gift certificate to The Dart Guys, or paid pre-registration for Sat and Sun singles for the Washington Area Open.

    *Cash prizes are based on the number of players in your level of play.
        Up to 8 players - 1st place $100
         9 - 15 players - 1st place $100  2nd place $50
         16 - 23 players - 1st place $150  2nd place $75
         24+ players - 1st place $200  2nd place $100


List of UNPAID Shooter fees (for Singles, Team & Trips)

Click to pay SHOOTER Fees <<  includes instructions and help

Team Rosters per Secty/Treas records



List of  UNPAID Sponsor fees 
To pay online, contact our treasurer

Dart Connect - Schedules, Standings, HowTo Basics, How To League


Dart Connect 




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For Team League - scoresheet, WARP/POL, Add Player form


See chart @top of page TEAM TRIPS SINGLES
Details (where/time)      

Wanna Play?

Wanna play?  Need more information / have questions?  Start here.
➡️ Flyer - Details of the Leagues WADA offers  ⬅️

NOTE:  The 22Spring season is well underway.  Teams can add players thru week 9.  Trips and Singles are closed until next season.

Have fun!

Sportsmanship  yes

Please make sure that you are always playing with good sportsmanship.  Keep smoke breaks to a minimum and make sure you are not doing things that will delay the match.  We all love the game, and we all want to win.  Always make sure that you both win and lose with the same sportsmanship and respect that you would like to have other players show you.

Refer to Rules of Etiquette document (which is a part of the WADA Rules).